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Mattress Care
Mattress Care is Not an Option, it's Mandatory
House Dust Mite
We will help you to sleep tight and enjoy healthy life through providing the right mattress care services - mattress cleaning service and antibacteria treatment service by new and high tech equipments.
Spots for Care Service
mattress mattress mattress
Mattress and Blankets Baby's Mattress Fabric Sofa
mattress mattress mattress
Carpets Pets Hotel/Motel
Our Equipments
mattress Mattress Cleaner for Experts
Kill all mites with HEPA filter which vibrates 3,000 times per Minute.
mattress UV Sterilizer (UV-C)
With sterilizing power which 1,600 times stronger than sun's UV ray, kill 99.9% germs including dust mites.
mattress Digital Microscope
Check dust mites and other germs with enlarging 200 times
mattress Natural Sanitiser
Prevent the growth of germs with natural senitiser (Phytocide - harmless for human)
Service Procedures
service procedure
Working Time : approximately 40~50 minutes for double bed.
Service Price
Description Size(cm) Price Note
Baby 50 X 80 Free
Kids/Teens 80 X 140 30
Single Single(92 X 187)
Long Single(92 X 203)
King Single(106 X 203)
Double/Queen Double(137 X 187)
Queen(153 X 203)
King King(183 X 203)
Super King(203 X 203)
Sofa Sofa(1 Seats) 15
ABN: 74 620 515 766    Phone: 02 6242 8089    1 Mana place Giralang ACT 2617
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